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Why You Should Limit Your Child’s Video Game Time

Anna Smith



Managing technology usage in today’s world is a challenge. Kids have phones, tablets, and access to gaming consoles, and it seems like they’re never far from any of them. This has led some parents to throw up their hands in frustration when it comes to enforcing limits on video games. However, kids need limits, maybe now more than ever. Without them, problems will arise. 

Time Management is Important

Video games are fine as a treat on occasion, but allowing kids an unlimited amount of time playing video games means they aren’t learning to manage time effectively. No one, whether a child or an adult, should have such an unstructured day that there are no other tasks planned. Chores, socialization, creative play, and non-screen activities are necessary and good for daily life.

Children who choose video games over homework and chores thinking they can just deal with their responsibilities later aren’t learning the importance of managing time wisely. 

Health Problems

When you don’t set limits, kids are likely to experience video game addiction, and this can lead to long- and short-term health issues. Vision problems, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome can result from a child not taking enough breaks from the screen.

Kids who are playing video games constantly are also likely living a sedate life. Sitting is considered the new smoking in terms of the health issues it causes. Diabetes can result from inactivity combined with poor eating habits. Bedsores can even appear on kids who do nothing but sit around and play video games. While bedsores are usually seen in elderly people, anyone can get them.

Connection Time Is Necessary

In our increasingly online world, where we connect with screens more often than people, it’s easy to become isolated. A child who has no limits on video game time will miss out on social interactions that could take place during this time. Playing with friends, interacting with family members, and being out in the world aren’t possible activities when a child is glued to a game. A recent study showed that girls’ social skills are hurt more by playing video games than boys.

It’s possible for kids to play video games with friends in person or online, but this isn’t the same as socializing without a screen. When video games are being played, they’re the main focus. A child develops problems with interpersonal skills if he or she doesn’t learn to engage with and focus on other people.

Behavioral Issues

A child who has no limits when it comes to video game playing is going to have trouble when it’s finally time to turn off the console. He or she may be angry, withdrawn, depressed, or anxious when he or she is asked to join the real world. Since no one can or should play video games 24 hours a day, a time will come when this behavior will spiral because the child is being forced to stop playing. Enforcing limits can help to stop this problem.

A child with clear expectations of how long he or she can play will learn to stop gaming without a fit. It may take work, but there will be fewer behavioral problems if limits are set upfront and enforced daily. This will help you to avoid all the future behavioral problems you’ll see if video game addiction takes hold.

Video games aren’t bad, but like most things in life, their consumption needs to be within reason. Give a child clear boundaries to keep video games from becoming the central activity of his or her life.

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Family Health

A Parent’s Guide For Breaking Out The Pool Toys

Anna Smith



white swan floater on pool

A pool is one of the greatest places to go in the summer. As a parent, you can relax in the sun, or jump in and play with the kids. Kids can find endless entertainment if you have the right toys. As fun as the pool can be, it is important to remember that pools can be dangerous. It’s your responsibility as a parent to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they stay safe.

Keep Them Clean and in Good Condition

Not only can dirty toys get the pool dirty, no one wants to play with them. If the toys are in bad condition, they can even be dangerous. Poolside basketball hoops need to be safely secured. A loose hoop could tip over and hit someone’s head. Floats should be checked for leaks. If a float pops and begins to sink a child can get tangled and dragged to the bottom of the pool. None of this should be a problem if you check the toys before tossing them in the pool.

Floating Toys vs Life Jackets

For some children, wearing a life jacket can be embarrassing. They see their friends without them and want to do the same. If your child is an adequate swimmer, this may be okay. If they are a beginner, you should not allow them into the pool without a lifejacket. They may ask if they can use a floating toy instead, don’t allow this.

Floating toys can be dangerous and should not be thought of as adequate substitutes for life jackets. Floating toys can be slippery. A tired and panicked child will have a difficult time holding on to one when they are struggling to stay above the water. A poor swimmer can also get stuck underneath floating toys, unable to come up for air.

Before letting your children swim without a jacket, you should make them demonstrate that they can swim the length of the pool under supervision. This should show you if they are strong enough swimmers to be safe.

Play Safe Games

Make sure the games that your children play are safe. Don’t let poor swimmers dive for toys in the deep end of the pool. Don’t let them run on the edges of the pool. Don’t let them jump onto each other, or onto floating toys. This can quickly lead to injury and an end to your pool trip.

When you go to the pool, make sure your children understand the safety rules. Take the time to explain the reasons behind these rules. This will help your children understand why they need to obey them.

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Family Health

How to Develop a Healthy Routine to Prevent Tooth Decay

Anna Smith



person with red lipstick and white pearl earrings

Maintaining a strong set of teeth will be easier if you follow the rules necessary to keep a healthy body. Eat a diet rich in calcium and fresh produce. Take care to keep your teeth clean and free of bacteria. Finally, drink plenty of water. Read on to find out how these steps affect your oral health.

Follow Standard Dental Hygiene

With daily brushing after meals and flossing before bed, you can protect yourself from a lot of dental damage. Never go to bed without flossing and brushing your teeth first. Make regular visits to your dentist to clean and protect your teeth. With regular dental care, any cavities that do form will be caught and addressed early. Minor cavities, such as those that are very shallow, can be treated without anesthetics. If you catch them soon enough, this will save you a lot of money.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Processed sugars offer little in the way of nutritional value and may cling to your teeth and promote decay. You can grow strong teeth with a focus on dietary calcium. Quench your craving for processed sugars by snacking on fresh fruit instead of candy. Drink water instead of soda. Be aware that acidic foods and beverages, such as citrus fruits and coffee, can be hard on your tooth enamel. Brush after consuming these foods if you can. If you can’t brush, rinse out your mouth. Try to limit your food intake to three meals and one or two snacks each day. Brush or rinse each time you eat.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Tobacco products attack your dental health in several ways. Tobacco will discolor your teeth and cause heavy plaque build-up. The use of tobacco on a regular basis will damage the ability of your body to heal itself. Gum tissue will not stay healthy and protect the roots of your teeth. Any tears or cuts to gum tissue will not heal efficiently if your circulation is being threatened by tobacco products, providing space for destructive bacteria to live and damage your tooth enamel. There are many tools and products that will make quitting smoking easier to manage. Every aspect of your health can be improved by breaking a tobacco habit.

Caring for your teeth is a habit that will serve you well for years into the future. The habit of brushing and flossing before bed will become so ingrained that you may struggle to fall asleep if forced to skip brushing and flossing. Keeping your teeth strong and healthy can be managed with regular cleaning habits at home and consistent visits to your dentist for check-ups.

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How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Anna Smith



If you suffer from allergies your life can be limited in ways that people who don’t have allergies will never understand. Some triggers can bring about debilitating symptoms that can be legitimately categorized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Keep It Clean

The first barrier to attack is cleanliness. Vacuum, mop, wipe down and anything that will keep dust and pollen at bay. Inasmuch as rugs can hold allergens, it is better to have uncarpeted floors with rugs throughout your home than to have wall to wall carpet. Rugs can trap dust and other allergens in your home so they aren’t floating around the air. Wear a mask when vacuuming and cleaning the house. Use a vacuum with a bag to cut down on dust flying when you empty your vacuum.

Wash all bedding frequently, and replace your pillows often or use pillowcases that are antiallergen. You might change your pillowcases more often than your sheets since your face is directly on them, and you are breathing in whatever is being held in their fibers. Taking a shower or at least washing your hair at night will cut down on pollution that has taken up residence in your hair during the day so that it will not be transferred to your pillowcase when you sleep.

Keep Windows Closed

Fresh air is not always a good thing. Keep those windows shut, especially when pollen count is high. For some people, air flowing through open windows can wreak havoc regardless of the level of pollen and any poses a threat. A HEPA air purifier may help cut down on allergens inside your house.

No Furry Friends Allowed

Pet dander is one of the biggest causes of allergy exacerbation. It can be heartbreaking to have to get rid of a much-loved pet, but sometimes it is the only way for you to stay healthy. If you absolutely must have a pooch in residence, keep him brushed and shampooed frequently. If your beloved is a feline, she can be brushed as well. If you do it yourself, wear a mask, do the pet grooming outside, put your clothes in the washer immediately afterward and preferably take a shower. Even low dander animals have some.

Whether yours only crop up once or twice a year, or you need allergy shots on a regular basis, there are ways to get relief, though not always as quickly as you would like. Discuss new options with your doctor and be open to new ways to alleviate your symptoms.

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