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Self-Image: How Do I Accept Myself Without Hurting Myself?

Adryenn Ashley



If you’ve ever told a little girl that she looks pretty, you have probably heard the response “I know!” or something similar. Yet, if you tell an adult woman that she looks nice, you will probably get a ducked head, a self-defacing comment, or a redirection of your compliment. So what happens to our self-confidence in between our childhood and adulthood, and why can’t we love ourselves? Too often we set impossible standards for ourselves before we consider ourselves worthy of love or even positive thoughts. This is incredibly damaging, so how do we fix it?

How Mindfulness Can Help You Accept Yourself

“Mindfulness” is a major buzzword that’s generated thousands of articles and how-tos over the last year, but mindfulness isn’t meditation or simply an exercise. The act of being mindful teaches core principles you can carry into your daily life that will ultimately make you a more accepting and caring person toward others and yourself. Mindfulness is about being focused on the moment you are in, while not being overwhelmed or reactive to what is going on around you. This allows you to enjoy the moment without worrying about what others think or judging yourself.

Stop Identifying with Your Worst Traits

Think about the people you love most in the world. Your mom. Your best friend. Your husband. Now, think of two qualities each person exhibits that you don’t like. Do these traits make up the whole person? Not at all. The same goes for you.

Being able to admit that you have certain traits or exhibit certain behaviors you dislike doesn’t make you less likable; if anything, it shows that you’re self-aware. The ability to notice things you dislike about your past, yourself and your actions grants you the opportunity to heal, grow and make things better in the future.

The second you decide to accept yourself as you are, you are forever changed. You may lapse into periods of self-doubt and maybe even sometimes self-hatred, but you will always be a step further than you were before you decided to start valuing yourself more than your flaws.

Surround Yourself with the Right Company

It’s difficult to accept yourself when the people around you don’t. Although it may be difficult to sever ties with family or people you’ve known for years, it’s even more important, to be honest with yourself and acknowledge a toxic relationship and its impact on your personal growth. No one else deserves to own your future, so you have to take the necessary steps to protect your present self from people that will only stall your growth.

As women, we need the support of other women to help develop ourselves. When we struggle, we are best lifted by other women. Many recovery centers utilize women-specific programs for that very reason. We understand each other and how our emotions work. Reach out to other women and let them help you see yourself as you really are.

Start with the Now

As you embark on a new journey of self-acceptance, shape a mindset that will allow you to break up with painful memories and emotions associated with them. Say, “Now, I…” and take a deep breath. Now you breathe. You open your eyes and see the world around you and revel in discovering your place in it. Now you love.


What is Mindfulness?

Safe Harbor Treatment Center

Learning Self-Love

Owning Your Bad Qualities

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How to Stay Sane as Life in Isolation Drags On

Anna Smith



woman sitting on bed

For many individuals, life ground to a halt as governments and businesses began employing social distancing and quarantine regulations. Being cut off from friends and fun activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has quickly spread another disease, boredom. If you feel like you’re going crazy from boredom, you’re not alone. Here’s a few tips that can help ease your mind and enjoy yourself during these unprecedented times.

Stay Social

Social distancing is about social distancing, not eliminating social interaction. There are plenty of ways you can remain compliant with social distancing recommendations and still socialize. If your friends have smartphones or computers, you can call or video chat with them. You can use this to play games together, watch movies, or just talk. If you have a significant other or a hot date, you could each cook a meal and enjoy a romantic virtual dinner. If your hot date turns out to not be your type, this will at least save you from an awkward doorstep scene.

Make Life as Normal as Possible

How you dress and groom yourself has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. While it might be nice to stay in your pajamas every once in a while, consistently neglecting to get ready for the day will make you feel lazy and unproductive. Try tostick to your daily routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time each day, shower and get dressed. If you normally go to the gym, try some home exercises. Try to work the same number of hours that you usually do. You’ll probably find that you still have some extra time on your hands. If that is the case, try this next tip.

Refine Your Skills

All this time in quarantine can be a blessing or a curse. It will be a curse if you waste your time. It will be a blessing if you take the extra time to improve yourself. If you’re an athlete, you may not be able to meet with your team, but there’s nothing to stop you from working on your individual skills. If you enjoy art or dance, you now have more time to practice the basics. You could even take this time to try tolearn something new. Try learning a language or building something.

Your life will be what you make of it. This has never been more true than during quarantine. During your normal life, you have so many voices and obligations that are demanding your time and attention. During quarantine, you have been blessed with a few extra hours that you can use as you wish. So, what are you going to do?

Once this madness is over, why not throw a party? Read some great party planning tips in this article: 5 Tips for Hosting a Fun After-Quarantine Party

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Top Tips for Making an Amazing Mother-Daughter Day

Anna Smith



The relationship between a mother and daughter is a sweet dynamic that deserves to be nurtured. One of the best ways that you can do this is to plan regular days out together, spending time with each other, or connecting over a fun activity. Here are three tips to help you to plan a memorable mother-daughter day.

Make It Meaningful

In order to ensure an enjoyable mother and daughter day, take care to pick an activity and location that both of you will appreciate. Every family is different with specific interests and preferences, which makes it important to carefully consider your own individual needs. If your daughter is a sports fanatic, you might want to consider taking her to watch her favorite team in action. If she likes to feel pampered and relaxed, a spa day is always a great idea when looking to spend time together. If your daughter loves adventure, a day trip to somewhere new and exciting can satisfy her wanderlust.

Style It Up

Set the tone for the day by going out of your way to style it up. Depending on the age of your daughter, she might appreciate wearing a matching clothing style as her mom. There are some top pro tips you can use to color your hair before you go out. Starting off your big day with mother-daughter pedicures and manicures will help you to look your best while having fun at the same time. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your special day out when you are all glammed up so that you can remember your day together.

Buy a Souvenir

Another idea to help you to commemorate a mother and daughter day out is to come home with a meaningful souvenir. If your day involves traveling somewhere new, a magnet or coffee mug from the destination will allow you to bring home the memories of the outing. If you dined at a cool restaurant, consider asking for a copy of the menu or other memorabilia. By coming home with something material to represent your day, you will be reminded of how significant this time was with each other.

The bond that you share with your daughter should be nurtured and encouraged. You will create lasting memories by being intentional about spending time together. A mother-daughter day out can be as simple as getting a scoop of frozen yogurt to planning a full day of activities with one another.

If you want to do a more outdoor based activity with your daughter, read on here!

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Rough Commute? Try These Tips to Keep Your Zen Up

Anna Smith



Even if you love your job, if you’re like most people, there’s one part you dread: the commute. Whether it’s seemingly endless stretches of rural roads or a packed city at rush hour, a difficult commute can try the patience of even the most laid-back person. Here’s how to help stay calm and focused on your daily commute.

Develop a Routine

Do you rush out of bed in the mornings, hustle through a quick getting-ready routine, and jump behind the wheel? If so, this might be priming you to feel even more stress on your commute. Instead, focus on creating a regular morning routine. For some people, this might involve meditating or setting an intention for the day. For other people, it may look like making a to-do list or preparing a fresh cup of coffee. Having a set routine that helps you create some mental space will do wonders when it comes to coping with a frustrating commute.

Change Your Environment

Environmental factors are common causes of stress, and the same goes for the inside of your vehicle. Budget says while premium vehicles may have less room than standard vehicles, they are generally equipped with far more creature comforts. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should rush out and buy a premium vehicle — there’s plenty of things you can do with your vehicle interior to make driving a more relaxing experience. Keeping a clean car with help your mental focus, as will keeping the interior detailed. Just as a clean room helps support focus, a clean vehicle will help you arrive at work with a clear, calm head.

Make Use of the Time

Plenty of people are frustrated by the fact that they can’t use their time commuting to do something productive. And while there are plenty of things you can’t do while driving, there are a few things you can do to use your commute wisely. Plenty of professionals enjoy listening to audiobooks on their commutes. Others prefer podcasts. Even creating a playlist of your favorite songs can help you find some measure of joy, even on rough commutes. And, when you can maintain your zen on the way to work, you’ll arrive focused, refreshed and ready for the day.

In conclusion, nobody likes a rough commute. But when you intentionally take steps to make your routine and your commute calming and purposeful, you’ll do wonders for your own well being.

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