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Starting a Humanitarian Nonprofit? Be Careful Who You Hire

Anna Smith



People start businesses for a variety of reasons. Some aim to maximize their earning potential, some try to solve an industry problem, and still others seek to serve other people. If you’re in the last category, this article is for you.

Starting a humanitarian nonprofit is just like starting any business in many ways, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Use these tips below to make sure you’re hiring the right people to stand by your side for the years to come.

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

Advancing technology is great for many reasons, but it comes with its own set of downsides — such as enhancing forgery. Crooks can forge identities and pass themselves off as someone else, and they’re always refining their bag of tricks. Furthermore, many of these identifications can look completely legitimate, complete with pictures, numbers, addresses, and everything else they need.

According to Trusted Employees Volunteer Background Checks, “nonprofit and volunteer organizations need to be particularly diligent during the background screening process to eliminate applicants with fraudulent identities.” Using a system that allows you to match social security numbers with a person’s true identity, you can better see if Joe Smith is actually standing in front of you, or an imposter.

Are You Hiring a Criminal?

While everyone has a history of some kind, humanitarian nonprofits need to keep their eyes open not only to who they’re hiring but what that person has done in their past. Criminal history of any kind can be a red flag in an environment where trust is a major factor. So while it may not be a deal-breaker to find out about someone’s criminal history, you at least need to be aware.

Have You Screened Them For Drugs?

Nonprofits have a responsibility to put their best foot forward, and that extends to the men and women who run various humanitarian organizations around the world, as well as their volunteers. Someone with a drug history, especially a longer record with harder drugs, may not be the best fit for certain positions. In some cases, your organization may be able to help rehabilitate them, but it’s still good to use a drug screen to know what you’re up against.

Are They Qualified?

People work at humanitarian organizations from all different backgrounds and with every kind of degree under the sun. But have those people earned their degrees, or are they misrepresenting themselves? By doing a thorough background search and using other screening practices, you can make sure that the person you just hired to be in charge of your $10 million operating budget is actually a licensed accountant, and not someone unqualified.

Contrary to some opinions, background checks are not a sign that you are mistrusting of someone, but a safeguard to protect the company’s interests. If you’re working in a humanitarian agency, nothing is more important than the people you serve.

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What’s the Buzz in Online Jobs Today?

Anna Smith



Working from home and having a full-time online job has recently become an extremely popular trend in all industries around the world. Understanding the buzz behind online jobs today is ideal whether you are interested in seeking out work online or if you have skills you want to put to use in your spare time for an additional income.

Creative Freedom and Innovation

One of the biggest draws to online jobs is the ability to work in creative positions such as writing, design, and even advertising. Working in a creative environment from home is extremely attractive to those who prefer to work on their own and enjoy a bit of freedom when they are completing daily tasks. Online jobs are extremely innovative and provide new opportunities each year depending on the skills and abilities you have to offer professionally.

Branding Opportunities

Building a brand of your own is possible when working in an online job or full-time from home on your own as an entrepreneur. Understanding how to work with your customers and how to relate to them on a personal and intimate level is essential for success when building a brand and online presence for any business. This is an especially popular venture in multilevel marketing, where many people express high levels of satisfaction and enjoyment with their work.

Schedule Flexibility

Creating your own schedule and remaining flexible at all times is extremely attractive to individuals who prefer setting their own hours and taking vacations on a whim if they prefer. While it may be more challenging to obtain clients and to seek out steady work when doing so online, the flexibility opportunities often outweigh the additional work required to maintain a living.

Remote Opportunities

Living just about anywhere in the world is possible if you choose to work online and to do so as a freelance or a full-time remote employee. Working remotely provides you with the ability to travel and relocate as you please without putting your work and income at risk. For individuals who thrive on adventure and seeing new sights, working as a freelancer and searching for an online job is an optimal path. Working from home with an online job gives you more freedom to discover the best location for you and an environment that truly brings you happiness and success.

Taking advantage of online job opportunities is possible with a well-crafted resume and a thorough understanding of the positions that are currently available. When you work at home, truly enjoy setting your hours and making the most out of the time available to you each day.


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