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Ledger implements 12% staff reduction amidst impending controversial Recover feature



Ledger, the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer, has recently announced a significant staff reduction of 12%. This decision comes amidst the controversy surrounding the implementation of their new feature called “Recover.”

Ledger is known for its secure and user-friendly hardware wallets that allow individuals to store their cryptocurrencies offline, protecting them from potential hacks and online threats. However, the company has faced criticism and backlash from its customers due to the introduction of the Recover feature.

The Recover feature was designed to provide users with an additional layer of security by allowing them to restore their wallets using a 24-word recovery phrase. This phrase acts as a backup in case the hardware wallet is lost or damaged. While this feature may seem beneficial, it has raised concerns among users regarding the potential risks associated with storing sensitive information on Ledger’s servers.

The controversy surrounding the Recover feature reached its peak when Ledger suffered a data breach in 2020, resulting in the leak of personal information of thousands of its customers. This incident not only damaged the company’s reputation but also raised questions about the security measures implemented by Ledger.

In response to the backlash and to address the concerns of its customers, Ledger decided to implement a staff reduction of 12%. The company believes that this move will help them restructure their operations and focus on improving their security protocols and customer support.

Ledger’s CEO, Pascal Gauthier, stated that the staff reduction was a difficult decision but necessary to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the company. He emphasized that Ledger remains committed to providing its customers with the highest level of security and privacy.

The reduction in staff will primarily affect non-essential departments such as marketing and human resources. The company aims to streamline its operations and allocate more resources towards enhancing its security infrastructure and developing new features that prioritize user privacy.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Recover feature, Ledger remains one of the most trusted hardware wallet providers in the cryptocurrency industry. The company has taken steps to address the concerns raised by its customers and is actively working towards regaining their trust.

In conclusion, Ledger’s decision to implement a 12% staff reduction amidst the controversy surrounding the Recover feature reflects the company’s commitment to improving its security measures and addressing the concerns of its customers. While this move may be challenging for the affected employees, it is a necessary step towards ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the company. Ledger’s focus on enhancing security protocols and customer support will undoubtedly contribute to maintaining its position as a leading hardware wallet provider in the cryptocurrency industry.